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Learn How to Trade Stocks Like a Pro

There are various ways you can learn how to trade stocks. Here are the some of the best ways that you can learn to trade stocks online quickly.

1. Read a bunch of trading books. If you are interested in long term investing where you buy a stock and hold for a few years, then look for books on the topic of fundamental analysis. If you are the type of person who are impatient for holding stocks for that long, then short term trading might be your style. If that’s the case, pick up some books about technical analysis and you will learn how to read a stock chart and swing trade stocks.

2. Register for online course – This is much more expensive than reading books on your own because you will have to pay for coaches and the online courses. You can do a Google search for free online courses and pick up some good resources. However, those free stock courses generally gives you an quick introduction to the stock market and then if you want to learn more, you will end up paying for an expensive price.

3. Ebooks – This is one of the easiest and cheapest way to get you started in the trading stocks because there are some sites that offers you free stock training ebooks on both technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Just try to get all of them and paper trade their system and see how the trading strategies work for you.

4. Stock Forums – Another way to learn about the stock trading is to participate in stock forums and asking questions. You can actually learn from other members in the forum. However, this will take much learn for you to digest everything.

5. Stock Trading Blogs – There are free blogs out there that can teach you about stock trading and try to follow a couple of these stock blogs and see how the owner is trading. You can often learn some pretty good trading strategies from them that may actually work for you.

6. Paper Trade – No matter which method you use to learn trading, you must spend at least 2-3 months paper trading. This way you won’t risk any money as a stock market beginner.

There is really no magic in trading the stock market, you will really need to constantly educating yourself and learn new methods or trading strategies on a day to day basis. The good thing about trading is it is actually not that hard. Once you get the balls rolling, you can quickly learn new trading ideas and system that you can make money with.

My advice to everyone who are interested in trading is to keep a trading journal on every stock you buy and sell. This way you will learn from mistake and improve your trading skills in the long term. You will also have to learn how to be discipline as that’s the key to successful trading.

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